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Non-surgical, orthopedic medical help to get you back to your activities without pain

Do you have pain or an injury that is keeping you from doing the activities you want to do or living the life you want to live? Then Lendermon Sports Medicine wants to help!

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine simply means that within her medical training and career, Dr. Lendermon has specifically focused on sports and sporting injuries so that she can be uniquely equipped to help you get back to your activities.

Do I have to be a serious athlete to go here?

NO! We are all athletes. As we say, “life is a sport!” Your sport may be college football or working in your garden. At different stages of our life, our activity level changes. We all want to keep doing those activities we love without pain.

Why Dr. Lendermon?

Following her residency, she completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the American Sports Medicine institute under the direction of Dr. James Andrews, a national leader in Sports Medicine.